Episode Three : Yuletide Edition

Hello there fellow humans. Throw another cheese log on the fire and gather ’round the old RCA tube radio and let Jason and John entertain you. This episode is the first annual Christmas episode for Flyover State. The guys regale you with stories of Christmas past; such as their favorite Christmas ever, their least favorite, Christmas dinners, grandma gifts, what is “Frankenmints”, and weird things people say to you in retail around the holidays.

So pour yourself another eggnog, sit by the fire, and let J & J amuse you(or offend you in some way.)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Episode 2 : Memories…Mammories

BRAINSTORM, Cliff Robertson, 1983. ©MGM

Hello everyone.

Well it’s been awhile since we last spoke and we’re sorry for that. Had to go back to the drawing board and do some thinking and harumphing and general chin scratching, but we’re now back and hopefully semi-regularly.

In episode 2 we talk about memories. Specifically music, TV, movies, and how those memories molded us into the squishy, pale adults we are now. We’re talking off the cuff, weird silences and all, so please forgive the possibly incorrect dates, names of songs, and general throat clearings and unprofessional sentence structures. Hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we enjoyed the coffee and talking about drinking and driving, The Herculoids, It’s Alive, and basement billiards and Led Zeppelin.


“An Introduction”


Glad you found your way to Flyover State. We’re a couple of middle-aged guys doing the 9 to 5s, paying the bills, and struggling to make sense of all the existential dread. John and Jason(as is our cover names) have been running through the maze of life for the better part of 30 years together; from our freshmen year in high school to looking down the barrel of our impending midlife crisis.

John and Jason have decided to get together a couple times a month, sit in their safe bunker located in the Hoosier state and talk about whatever comes to mind. What comes to mind? Favorite albums, films, books, writers, growing old, religion, George Lucas’ beard, raising children in a geodome located on a backwoods planet, creating art, and ultimately giving up the ghost.

This is our first episode of Flyover State. “An Introduction” is simply that. It’s two schlubs sitting in front of a couple mics, an antiquated recording device, and talking themselves blue in the face. I think after you listen to this you’ll have a good idea of who we are. We’re dorks, yes. But dorks that are passionate about dorkdom and the dorkiness that goes with that.

So please, load us into your head. We have such sights to show you.

Editor’s Note: We did not create “geosexual”. My bad.